I’m Sam, a lover of good beer and cheap wine

It took me the longest time to do self portraits of have myself in front of the camera for videos.

I understand that getting in front of a camera can be a really daunting prospect at first (husbands to be and dad’s yes, I’m mostly looking at you and I get it).

But the payoff is huge. Getting stunning candid photos with the ones you love that you will quite literally treasure forever.

Embrace the awkwardness of the first five minutes. I won’t last long, but the images will.


The idea is get you having a whole lot of fun, a bunch of laughs and get you focused on each other so you forget about the guy with the camera (me)

My favourite thing is hearing back from couples that they were a little bit nervous before that shoot but have come away from it having had and absolute blast.

I love couples who challenge me (see the Queenstown wedding video) and couples who show me new places, WHOO - free tour guides! (see the lip falls engagement shoot blog)

The perfect match for me are couples and families that love adventure and don’t take themselves too seriously


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