Nicola runs a breathing workshop out of an amazing space (Trader Trove in Miami).

The experience the women have who attend these workshops is described as powerful, uplifting and literally life-changing.

Now, if a client attends a workshop there is no doubt that they will tell their close friends about what a truly amazing experience it is, but words can only do so much. And for potential clients who find Nicola online it was very hard to get a sense of the atmosphere and community that exists in these spaces.

A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures.

After having a video created past clients now have a way of showing those friends how powerful these workshops are and clients who find Nicola online can see what amazing events these are and what a stunning space it is held in (this is the banner video above).


Maybe you’re the nicest mechanic on the Gold Coast but customers think all mechanics are out to get them?

Putting a face and a personality to the business with photos and a branding video will solve this immediately!

Just think, as soon as someone finds you on Google and heads to your website there’s a video with your friendly mug on it talking about the work you love serving the community you have been running your business in for 20+ years.

Maybe you’re jeweller making amazing pieces of art and people wonder why you charge so much. Maybe they think you’re a young creative so you’re probably not all that professional?

Imagine having a branding video showing the lengths you go to to choose the perfect stone for each piece, the effort that goes into ethically sourcing each of the different stones and the years of practice to gain the metal work skills it takes to create such flawless, imaginative work.


your business is you

For many small business the unique selling proposition is the person behind the business.

Anthony Laye (above) is one of Gold Coast’s leading keynote speakers and corporate entertainers.

After bringing on board a brand consultant they realised there was a gap in his online presence, HIM.

There were plenty of great photos of Anthony doing what he does best up on stage but nothing to show who he is outside of work.

There was no content to give an insight to what makes him tick and allow potential clients to connect with him before even meeting meeting him.

We spoke and as a keen surfer we decided a dawn shoot at Burleigh would be perfect to add the extra missing piece to his brand.




If your business is looking to get up to speed with it’s online presence the business branding package has what you need to get started and is made up of three parts.

The example content here is from two workshops with the wonderful Emma from Ava Jewels.

Part 1: business branding video

The business branding video is where you can put a face to your business, start building a relationship and rapport with potential customers and talk about what makes your business tick and why people choose you over your competition.

This is perfect to use as your banner video for your social media and website.


part 2: client testimonial video

This video is perfect for instagram, facebook and your website.

Edited with footage of your services with some of your best customers talking about why they LOVE working with you.

This will sit near the top of your website as one of the first things clients see when they find you on line. It can also be used very effectively on Instagram and Facebook and reposted every few months or so.

This is so much more than a google review.

This carries weight.


part 3: 30 days worth of photos to kick start your social media

To pair with the video showing your amazing work you will also get to select your favourite 30 images from your shoot for you to use as you please on your web site and to kick your social media presence up to the next level with fresh, professional content for the next 30 days.

Business branding packages including:

  • Business branding video

  • Client testimonial video

  • 30 images for social media and website

Starting from $3750 (ex GST)

Speaking of fresh new content…



Fresh Content

Fresh content is the fuel that runs your social media. Business on my social media management plan will get a photoshoot once every week. I will come to you, we will have a quick chat and catch up about on any new progress, menu items, products, cocktails or specials you want to feature this week and get that fresh new content in the form of photos and videos!

Photos + Captions

Photos are nothing without a bit of text to create some engagement.

Before starting the program we will make sure we are on the same page with the tone and target audience to whom we are speaking. Captions will be written to accompany the stunning fresh photos for the week.


Every monday morning you will receive a draft Social media Plan for the week for approval with each days photo and caption .

Once approved I will post these each day to Instagram and facebook and that will be another week squared away with more fresh content to come next week!

The Social Media Management Plan free up your time and mental energy to run the business you’re passionate about.

Photo only plans start from $1250 / month (ex gst)

Sugar Bar Export-123.jpg
Sugar Bar Export-129.jpg
Sugar Bar Export-103.jpg
Sugar Bar Export-38.jpg

Construction & Infrastructure

Ventia_Melbourne_Leisure Lane Photography-96.jpg

Construction & Infrastructure


contractor, counsultant or client

Whether you are a contractor, consultant or a client you want to be able to show your major projects and teams to the world to demonstrate what type of company you are and what you stand for.

my background

Having nine years of civil engineering experience working for both contractors and consultants as a project engineer before moving to photography I know my way around a work site.

This means I know what is important to focus on and can even help make sure you’re not slipping on you PPE and SWIMS in the photo and video content (you do not want that on record!)

This also means I know what questions to ask and how specifically to edit a branding video for this industry.

stock photography won’t cut it

Gone are the days where you can use stock photography on your site of random workers on miscellaneous projects.

You need high quality photos of recent jobs, current employees in correct PPE if you want to compete and show the world your amazing work.

A typical shoot

A typical shoot for a contractor would involve going to at least one live site to get images of machinery and ground crews working.

We would meet some office staff and get images of them on site with PPE and plans.

We would then return to the office and get updated head shots of all staff.

These images are great for evergreen content on your website, they work perfectly as cover images in reports or tender bids and are great material you can use on your social media (I can also help you manage this, just ask me about it)