Palm Beach: Schuster Park Family Photos

I love Palm beach.

I love it for its good surf, good coffee and in the last couple of years it’s exploded with cafes, restaurants and even a few rooftop bars. It also has some really great parks – Schuster Park in particular.

This massive park sits at the back of 19th Ave and is amazing.

Oh, and it’s a dog park (Stoked!). But if you don’t like dogs… Sorry?

When Andy and Larna were looking for a spot to do a family shoot we headed down there with dog and all.

They Had done their maternity shoot on the beach at Currumbin and we thought, while the beach is great, it could be good to have some contrast in the photos and go green. Think big trees and lots of grass.

Now that Ev is around 6 months old she’s becoming more and more expressive, giggly, smiley and her personality is showing through so it was time to get some shots with all three (well, four with Trip-dog) of them in the photos.

It was a beautiful Autumn afternoon with gorgeous golden light and we got some great shots.

If you think it’s about time you got some some photos with all the newest members of your family click on the contact page and get in touch!

sam gilmore