Currumbin Valley Documentary Family Photography

Pancakes are normally on Sunday. Today’s not Sunday!

Jimmy, Shari, their girls Joe and Lola and their 10-month-old British bulldog Poppy have slowly but surely been moving from the garage into the main house as they make their way through renovating their new place room by room in Currumbin Valley.

At one point the garage served as a bedroom for all five of them, lounge, dining room and kitchen, though now they are very happy to have their own rooms complete and the kitchen almost finished.

Rather than waiting until the house was complete, the landscaping all done and everything looking amazing (as it absolutely will when they are done) they decided to do their documentary family photo shoot while they were still mostly living in the garage.

This is the beauty of doing a candid, documentary style photo session.

It’s not about everything being perfect and stressing about getting you and your house just right for the photos.

It’s about capturing your life as it is in the moment.

There was no dressing up for the camera, no sitting awkwardly for the photographer, no changing their weekend plans.

 When they look back at these they will remember how awesome it was having one whole wall (ahem, the garage door) opened up when it is raining SO hard and how rubbish it was when it was SO DAMN HOT in summer (so, like, 8 months of the year for the Gold Coast?).

This is something very different to getting your family dressed up and going to a picturesque spot and smiling for the camera.

Yes, you will get some visually stunning photos going the ‘traditional’ route, but they don’t hold the same emotional and nostalgic weight behind them, especially in five, ten, twenty years time.

When you get family photos taken you shouldn’t be getting them to impress others in your mum’s group or friends circle, you’re not even really getting them for you.

You’re getting them for your kids and grandkids.

Just think about how you felt the last time you looked a photo of your parents when they were young.

It’s cheesy, but it’s powerful stuff.

sam gilmore