Palm Beach SLSC Nippers First Day 2018-2019 Season

There are not many things better than spending a morning at the beach.

Vick, Mal and their three daughters Mia, Lani and CC have been a part for the Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club for a good few years now and it was great to tie in a bit of a documentary family shoot and follow their youngest CC to show off everything the club does for the first day of nippers for the season.

A bit of beach safety, beach runs, flags, poison ball, a little more water safety and a free swim to top it off along with a TON of smiles.

The surf club has a great community feel to it and as CC said, one of her favourite things about being a part of the club is getting to make new friends from different schools.

For the parents, it’s about the same story 🙂

Everyone is very welcoming and it’s a great chance to grab a coffee, hang out on the beach and have a catch up while watching the kids have heaps of fun and make new friends.

If you’re already apart of Palm Beach SLSC I’ll see you back there after the school holidays! If you’re not yet, you can jump over to their website here and become a part of it.

If you love this style of family photo compared to the more traditional “get dressed up and sit under a tree” style photo shoot get in touch here and we can have a chat about getting some stunning real moments of your family.

sam gilmore