Lip Falls & Denham Falls: Gold Coast Hinterland Engagement Photo Shoot

Scrambling over boulders, crossing rivers and jumping off of and swimming under waterfalls.

Engagement shoots should be as exciting and amazing as you are.

They can be more adventure than photoshoot and more exciting than awkward.

It seems as though a lot of couples want to do an engagement shoot but aren’t really aware there are options beyond the normal.

Don’t get me wrong I loooove me some pretty photos, but if you are an adventurous couple who loves the outdoors, hiking and exploring, why not plan an engagement shoot that reflects what you love to do.


Bethan and Brandon met as they were just about to embark on a 5 week Contiki European adventure. 
It was a fairytale whirlwind romance but as Bethan says “the jist of it is, we met in London, Brandon picked me up and kissed me in private overlooking the Trevi Fountain, we cuddled on the beach in Mykonos and we went white water rafting in Austria”

Not a bad start to a relationship.

Bethan was planning on moving to England but after they went their separate ways they chatted every day for the next 5 months until she decided to fly back home for Christmas.

While she was booking the flight she thought a cheeky trip to New Zealand was just what she needed to finish her travelling adventure.


She met Brandon at the airport in New Zealand nervous and jet-lagged but definitely excited. 
For the next two weeks, it was motorbike riding, tours of Hobbiton and snowboarding.

3 months later Brandon had arrived in Australia and the rest is history.

I spoke with Bethan & Brandon about what they thought would be the most fitting activity for their engagement shoot and since they love exploring the Gold Coast hinterland we got on to the topic of waterfalls and we came across Lip Falls and Denham Falls in Beechmount in the Gold COast Hinterland.
They had been there once before, so they would be my tour guides and show me around.

Once arriving in Beechmount, we got our gear together and began the steep descent into the valley, after reaching the bottom and a short walk up the side of the river, we were at Lip Falls. 
We decided to carry on up the river with a long scramble up the river bed over boulders to Denham Falls at the top of the valley.


I wouldn’t call myself unfit, but it was at this stage I had realised I was probably the third fittest person in the group… 
I definitely felt it in my legs the next day.

I’ll blame having to carry camera gear. 
Yeah, that’s it. It was my camera gear…

The walk was well worth it.
The late afternoon light was perfect and we got some stunning shots at the on and under Denham Falls.

Hot, sweaty and with sore legs, we all had a much-needed swim and a jump off of Lip falls on the way back down the valley.

The whole place is magical.

If you’re thinking of having an engagement session and you think a ‘typical photoshoot’ might not be for you, get in touch and we can plan an awesome adventure!

sam gilmore