Boutique Barn Rustic Wedding Venue, Puhoi New Zealand

Doilies, chandeliers, rustic barns, leather couches, camper van-bars, food trucks and whiskey.

This is a wedding done right. 

It’s always a treat getting to explore new venues, especially when they are as amazing as the Boutique Barn in Puhoi, just north of Auckland, NZ.

This block of lush green rural land owned and run by Morrea & Trevor is just 35 mins north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge is set in stunning and idyllic Puhoi.

With rolling hills surrounding it the Boutique Barn has the feeling of your grandparents farm house with it’s sprawling green gardens, doilies scattered about and hidden gems like the tractor throughout.

Given the property is 140 years old it’s not surprising it has this feeling.

The barn(s) themselves give a warm rustic feel and the Kauri floorboards contrast with the sparkling chandeliers.

This sort of venue is set up to make awesome wedding photography easy.

This is a venue for less than 50 guests and the intimate, cozy feeling is reflected in the service and hospitality of the venue.

The Boutique Bar offered up by Morrae was the perfect accompaniment to the Barn.  

The fitted out camper van-bar matched the rustic wedding venue perfectly.

It gives a very relaxed vibe being served from a caravan with friendly staff handing out the drinks.

The Boutique Barn does not cater themselves, but they can recommend for you a whole variety of incredible catering companies, food trucks to suit your taste. 

On this day we had an amazing spread by The Little Yellow Food Truck, they did an Amazing job, serving up dumplings, king prawns, arancini, pork belly, Vietnamese fresh spring rolls and some delicious cheese burgers (yes, I will eat some of your amazing food at your wedding, it’s a perk of the job!).

This is a venue for couples who want a warm and fun wedding venue. As they say themselves, The Boutique Barn is probably not the place for you if you are  emailing off two dozen venues with “Hi, can I have you price please”.

sam gilmoreBoutique Barn